Day Care Salem Oregon

We are a family owned business with children of our own. We know how important quality child care is to you. You’ve probably heard good things about us and want some general information before you start your selection process. Naturally you’ve got a list of what is important to you. Actually, we encourage the parents of our prospective kids to have a long list of questions. Location is probably one of the basics. We have two locations in Salem, Oregon: one in West Salem at 640 Bartell Drive (off Wallace Road, formerly 590 Wallace Rd.) and the other at 2955 South River Road. But location should not be the only thing.

A secure happy environment is the biggest priority for most parents.  This is an area we excel in. We are especially pleased when a parent asks if he or she can drop in for a visit. We are so confident of our centers that we encourage drop-in visits. We can of course give you more attention if you make an appointment, but an unannounced visit will give you a better feel for our atmosphere. Did you hear the normal sounds of comfortable, relaxed, and happy children? Well, that’s what we’re all about! Please come visit us if you are looking for an established day care school where children can experience positive development.

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